A Healthy Missional Church

Healthy = pursuing Christ
Missional = pursuing Christ’s priorities

Naperville Covenant has always had a strong mission’s emphasis, supporting missionaries both at home and around the globe as they have pursued the priorities of Christ, who wants lost people found and hurting people helped.

But in recent years we have intentionally turned that pursuit in a more focused and relational direction. Rather than just supporting mission work financially, we believe God wants us to connect more deeply in building relationships with our mission partners and helping as many of our church members to become engaged in mission in one way or another. This has led us to develop three areas of focus: Local, Regional and Global.

A unique strength we have as an Evangelical Covenant Church, is that evangelism (finding the lost) and ministries of compassion and justice (helping the hurting) are not separated as two distinct areas of ministry, but always work together as one whole mission of God: Christ’s priorities

Take a look at how we are pursuing Christ’s priorities Locally, Regionally and Globally…

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