We have a congregational form of government, where members ultimately make decisions about budget, staffing, membership, etc. But much of the month to month leadership is provided by elected lay leaders who work closely with our staff.

The Executive Board:

Similar to the biblical concept of elders, and the traditional concept of trustees, these five people have responsibility for the management of God’s resources available to the church and for His glory and the benefit of His Kingdom. They focus on financial, legal and staffing matters.

Our current Board:

  • Kathy Buettner, Church Chair
  • David Sladkey, Church Vice-Chair
  • Shirley Gustafson, Secretary
  • Debra Streich, Stewardship/Finance Ministry Group Director
  • Scot Gillan, Senior Pastor

The Board of Spiritual Life:

Similar to the biblical concept of deacons – but more – this team combines the Executive Board and the church staff with several Ministry Group Directors, and together they have responsibility for the spiritual nurture and direction of the church. They coordinate efforts, keeping calendars, ministries and groups aligned around the mission and vision of the church.

  • Community Life: Dana Gilbreath and Rose Salzman, Ministry Group Directors
  • Discipleship: Gretchen Pinard, Ministry Group Director
  • Outreach: Sarah Buki and Samantha Zylstra, Ministry Group Director
  • Worship: Rich Lark, Ministry Group Director
  • At-large: Brian Lee
  • At-large: Amy Klug
  • Executive Board: See above
  • Staff

Our Finance Team:

  • Treasurer: Kadiatu Allie
  • Financial Secretary: Scott Stenmark

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