Camps, Retreats and Outreach

The Evangelical Covenant Church has 22 summer camps, retreats, and conference centers and we are privileged to have two right here in our region. Both offer full programming year round:
Covenant Harbor Bible Camp in Lake Geneva, WI
Covenant Point Bible Camp on Lake Hagerman, Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Deep Freeze – Junior High Winter Retreat

Deep Freeze is the Jr. High winter retreat. We travel up together to Lake Geneva to Covenant Harbor Camp! We spend the weekend worshiping God, sledding, learning about God, playing games, polar bear dipping, playing in the snow, playing broomball, watching skits that teach us about God, and over all having an amazing weekend designed to grow us closer to Christ.  The date this year is January 13-15, 2017.

Senior High Ski Trip

Each year the high school students travel to the upper peninsula of Michigan to Covenant Point Bible Camp for a weekend of spiritual refreshment, fellowship and downhill skiing. 

JH Deep Freeze

CREW – High School Fall Retreat

It’s a great way to kick of the fall with the youth gathering together with several other Central Conference churches! This retreat only happens every other year so it’s an event you don’t want to miss!

Sleep Out Saturday

Early November of each year the youth are challenged to see that we actually have homeless families right here in DuPage County. The youth collect money ahead of time, and then go to a rally before they take to sleeping outside or on the floor inside to help them relate and understand for one night how hard it would be to be homeless for a night. We talk about the issues of school, and hygiene to get at the real issues of being homeless in America.

30-hour Famine

In a city like Naperville it’s not very often that we truly experience hunger. The next meal is almost always just a few hours away, and there is usually a snack in-between. The 30-hour famine is a perfect opportunity to teach our youth that they have the opportunity to use being blessed by living in America, and to learn that there is need beyond them. We spend the 30-hours, not simply not eating, but we take this time to learn about the needs of others, and then we take it one step farther, and instead of just learning about it we do something about it! We do things like pack food for starving families in Africa, we serve the local food pantry, and play lots of fun games that get us in touch with the reality of starvation in our world. We all start the day thinking there is no way we can do it, and by the end we see how God did it, and we are amazed by his loving touch.  The 30-hour famine will be held in the Spring of 2017!

CHIC – Covenant High In Christ

This HUGE event only happens every 3 years! This is a gathering of all the High School students in the entire Covenant! There is nothing like 5,000 people worshiping God together with the latest Christian worship bands! The students experience great speakers and a week like no other! This event takes place at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. The last one was held, July 2018! We had 20 students and adults attend.

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